Aaron Barnaby

About Me

Hello! Welcome to my site all about me, My name is Aaron Barnaby and I'm a developer currently working at Funky Pigeon. I have been developing for the past 15+ years starting from small time HTML and Java projects then moving on to PHP based retail websites and now working with .NET, React (Next.JS) and Nodejs.

Yes I have jumped around technology stacks over the years and most I've self tought along the way as I always like to keep up with latest and best practices. I pride myself on not only learning the key fundimentals of all the languages and frameworks I work which but also trying to always understand best practices with them.

Coding for me has always been a hobby first before work and I love doing what I do and pride myself on finding the best way to complete a task as well as looking forward for future requirements ahead of time. From a young age I have always taken an interesting in all forms of technology and remember even back when computers was new to school fixing my first computer to the amaze of techers at the time.

Anyone I have worked with will tell you I'm very passinate about what I do and will always go above and beyond expectations. When I first started at my role at Funky Pigeon the first thing I did was rewrite there whole backend admin tool. Originally they had no plans to re-build there admin tool but I spend a week or 2 personally working on it and showed them what I created. To this date my new admin tool is still the core backend system they are using. As well as the api template we have, editor and many more things I've been involed with.

If you was to ask me which language / stack is my preference right now it would be:

  • Next.JS / React
  • Nodejs
  • .NET6 (API)
  • AWS Services

Developing takes up most of my time from work to personal projects however in my downtime I enjoy a range of video games my all time favioute being Final Fantasy series. I'm also a tv and film buff, I can litterly watch nearly anything and I'm a sukker for needing to finish anything I start watching. Away from a screen I have a passion for all technology specificly drones and FPV flying but that is an expensive hoppy to get into for sure. I love to get outdoors and being part of the National Trust I love to visit all types of natural wonders any type of woodland walk is right up there with a good day out for me, my wife, my kids and my dog.

Yes. You did hear me right I'm a father of 2 kids, Lily & Archie both 8 this year (2023) which yes... does make them Twins. This can be a lot of hard work but it is also rewarding and with my wife Rose we are for sure a happy complete little family.

If I sound like someone you would like to work with or even just get to know, I'm always open to conversation send me a email - me@ajbarnaby.com.